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Thanks for stopping in, I hope you've enjoyed looking around.

Have you ever wanted to do something new, but stopped short of actually doing it? You know how it goes... you're too busy, what if you fail, how do you get started? Remember, it's never too late to learn something new or explore an old passion.

I knew that if I didn't bring my songs out of my head and into real life, it would be one of my greatest regrets. That was the impetus behind what you've seen here. My love of late 80's and early 90's music stems from my happy childhood. My goal was to make modern music with retro flares for a reminiscent feel.

Aside from writing music, I'm also the singer of Rewind Band and have done theater and can be heard daily from 12-2pm EST on 98.1 FM Marco Island and 90.3 Everglades City in FL.

Keep feeding your curiosity and know you have one fan cheering you on from afar! Go you!


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